The annual Festival du Livre takes place in Nice next week, bringing some very big names from the world of literature to our very own doorstep.

The 20th century has been marked by tremendous changes with many medical and technical discoveries, the creation of new countries and the conquest of space, but also two world wars, devastating genocides and countless dramatic power shifts between countries.

And this year, with the commemoration of the start of the Great War and the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings this coming 6th of June, it would have been difficult for the 19th edition of the Nice Book Festival to ignore an era that still very much shapes the world that we live in today.

During the three day festival, which runs from the 13th to the 15th of June under the presidency of sociologist and philosopher, Edgar Morin, many journalists, authors, historians, and politicians will participate in public debates and share their experiences, knowledge, ideas about this “Sacré 20ème siècle” (One hell of a century).

Festival du Livre - Nice, 2014

Meanwhile, more than 200 authors will be on hand in Place Pierrre Gautier and Place du Palais to sign books and generally interact with the public. Among them, some of today’s biggest names of the literary wolrd, such as Didier Van Cauwelaert, Sylvain Tesson, Irène Frain, Akli Tadjer and Douglas Kennedy, but also philosopher Michel Onfray, former public prosecutor Philippe Bilger, gardener Alain Baraton and palaeontologist Henry de Lumley.

There will, of course, be the usual contingent of celebrities from the entertainment world also in attendance. Already confirmed we have French comedians Macha Méril, Charlotte Valandrey and Véronique Genest, film director Nadine Trintignant, former porn-star turned radio talk-show host Brigitte Lahaie, and musical composer and arranger Michel Legrand.

To round off the festival programme, there will also be public readings of famous literary works in various venues around the city before and during the festival.

The Festival du Livre de Nice – what better way to discover books to read during your summer vacation!



Place Pierre Gautier
Rue Alexandre Mari
06300 Nice

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Place du Palais de Justice
Rue de la Préfecture
06300 Nice

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All images courtesy Festival du Livre de Nice





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