Love the patter of little feet, especially when there are four of them! Ok, I am huge fan of dogs. Sure I like cats too, but dogs take the biscuit!

However, having had dogs I know that they are so very different to cats. Cats tell you what to do and when. Dogs, on the other hand, being our best friends, need more guidance. Hang on … they need more guidance? No, their owners, like me, need that guidance more often than not. It isn’t intuitive. You want to enjoy your woofing companion … why not get help from someone who knows? Who? Victoria Morris is the one I would call.

Victoria is a lovely engaging person. She knows dogs. I first met her when she was looking at taking care of marine mammals. Really? Yup. This is someone who engages with animals, loves animals and we need to be thankful that she didn’t find a job on the Côte d’Azur with our water-based cousins. What strikes you first about Victoria is her totally caring nature.

Like many of us, Victoria discovered the Riviera earlier in life and focussed on finding a way of returning to live here. The path back is often full of twists and turns. Victoria was no different. Parents here, university in the UK and so on eventually landing back here targeting a career in marine mammals. That didn’t happen so she is now a very well known dog trainer with clients all along the Rivera.

There are so many levels on which Victoria can help the prospective owner of a puppy, new puppy owner or a refuge dog. She is very well qualified and has many contacts at vets clinics. This means that no question is left unanswered. The socialisation of dogs is important and this is a mainstay of her onward training. Victoria also creates bigger events that are effectively dog orientated weekends to bring together owners and dogs in a social environment … how cool is that!

Victoria Morris dogs

Victoria Morris clients

We are looking at a getting a dog. It’s a huge decision and commitment plus they don’t get jobs and leave home … so having someone like Victoria on hand to provide that foundation of confident dog ownership is necessary and really comforting.

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Victoria Morris BSc(Hons), MAPDT UK – Animal Behaviourist & Trainer
Mobile: +33 (0)6 1393 5799

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Lead image by Hannah Lim on Unsplash; all other photos courtesy Victoria Morris

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