Tim Fountain is a man of many parts. He is constantly re-inventing himself and coming up with fresh and interesting ideas.

I first heard of Tim with his latest venture, the brilliantly successful YouTube channel Me and Mon Ami, some two years ago. From an audience of zero he has built it to over 13 thousand loyal fans in a very short time frame. There is much more to Tim than a YouTube channel, he is one very, very talented person.

Tim is also a writer and has taught creative writing. He is also someone with an enquiring and energetic mind. Putting these two things together creates someone unique. Tim is a one off. For example his play, Resident Alien on the life of Quentin Crisp, was very well received as was his one man Edinburgh Fringe show, Sex Addict. His plaudits for writing and performing are too long to list here, the point is that Tim is a genuine creative.

Me and Mon Ami

Me and Mon Ami

The Citroen Ami, the basis of his latest YouTube channel, happened when he and Mr Boo, his accomplice in crime, went into Darty in Nice when the little electric car first came out. The rest is history as they say. It wasn’t as if Tim had planned it, rather he connected the dots and saw the potential. The purchase tied in nicely after his becoming an online tour guide during pandemic where he collected an amazing amount of information of the Côte d’Azur. The technical elements he learned on the hoof from camera choice, sound and through to the often gruelling editing process – no mean feat from having no knowledge at all.

For those who don’t know, Me and Mon Ami takes you on little fun adventures in and around the Riviera, sometimes into Italy. There is always the range anxiety, the ‘will they find a charger or not’ bit adds to the suspense. there is also humour. Elton, the Citroen Ami’s name, sets off on these tours that go to places off the beaten track as well as touristy areas but as an insider. Tim and Mr Boo sample the local fare, provide an overview of the area and inevitably some superb drone footage. It is always very diverse and interesting, even for locals.

Me and Mon Ami

Me and Mon Ami

Tim is now providing tours to groups revealing his detailed knowledge in his own inimitable open style coupled with stories of the famous and infamous who lived or still live on the Riviera. Elton is named after one such personality, can you guess who? Tina Turner called it home, Bono & Edge are frequent visitors to their villas here. Gordon Bennett, Sean Connery, David Niven et al also made homes here. Tim will give you the lowdown on where to go, places to eat, what to see and who you may see!

And … I haven’t mentioned Twiggy! Twiggy is a cute Chihuahua that also goes on these trips! Phew!

Look for Me and Mon Ami on YouTube, you will be entertained, informed about the Côte d’Azur and end watching with a smile on your face.

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All photos courtesy Me and Mon Ami

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