MonacoUSA and Project.RU have joined forces to host an evening of networking as well as celebrating Russian and American culture.

Project.RU is an organisation devoted to promoting all things Russian, including culture and values, in a positive and original way. The Networking Happy Hour event on the 8th October in conjunction with MonacoUSA is another way to further its message. 

According to Annette Anderson, Executive Director of MonacoUSA, the evening provides a great opportunity for all nationalities to mix, including Russian residents recently arrived in the principality. “It’s easy to have a stereotyped image of other nationalities and cultures until you meet and talk with real people who usually have the same values and goals as well as the same stresses and problems as you do.

Stars 'n' Bars in Monaco

The event on the 8th October, however, is a chance to enjoy good music, good food, and good fun, and to make new friends. In addition to DJ Andrea mixing contemporary Russian and American dance music there will be a mini-concert by singers Alicia Sedgwick and Vera et Pierre Chidyvar, with their renditions of traditional Russian and American classic tunes.

Our good friend Daria Jabenko will also be exhibiting some of her illustrations and works there throughout the evening — another good reason to go! And be sure to check out her new website too!


The event begins at 6pm on the STAR DECK at STARS’N’BARS, overlooking the port with Happy Hour prices and complimentary snacks from 6pm until 8pm. You could also be in with a chance to win a bottle of champagne or Russian vodka in a special quiz, and of course, guests can also dine on the Deck. There will also be dancing! 

All nationalities are more than welcome, and the good news is that there is no entrance fee!

Star Deck restaurant overlooking the port in Monaco

Star Deck
6, quai Antoine 1er
98000 Monaco

Tel: +377 97 97 95 95

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All images courtesy Stars’N’Bars



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