Penny MacMorris is a musician that has honed her craft from a young age through into music school, college and then out into the real world as a working musician.

Having started a family, Penny had no option other than to devote her time to bringing her children up and so music moved into second place. To add to the difficulties of parenting two children she decided to relocate from the UK to Nice and start a brand new life. Happily Penny found herself a music teacher role at an international school in Nice.

Music may have been in second place, but Penny being Penny, did not give up music completely. She continued to gig and compose music. During this time she composed the title track of my movie “Julia” for which she has won several awards. In February at Théâtre de la Libé in Nice Penny will be performing an acoustic session, one of the songs she will feature is “Julia”

Now that the children are pursuing their own lives, one at university in London and the other developing a career in agriculture, Penny can refocus her attention on music. She has returned to music scene with zeal, playing regularly accompanied by her trio or quartet. The Penny Mac Quartet – Claude Tedesco (Piano); Philippe Brassoud (Double Bass); Yoann Serra (Drums) & Penny McMorris (Vocals & Flute).

Penny Mac Originals

In addition, Penny has formed a delightful duo, Chic Chanteuses – aka Penelope & Elizabeth – A fun harmony duo with another singer, dressed elegantly and are successfully singing in the streets in Antibes and in Nice to everyone’s delight.

Penny can be found on Instagram, Facebook and on YouTube.

Chic Chanteuses

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All images courtesy Penny MacMorris

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