Lucy Coote came to the Riviera to work in F1. Her parents had a home in Provence, she adored Provence.

Monaco was a different animal and although she worked there, she never dreamed she would actually, one day, be living and raising a family in the Principality. Dreams come true. The dream materialised into reality.

Her husband, Patrick Coote, is dynamic and lives in the moment, a great match for Lucy! Patrick does some epic adventures that are physically challenging and at the same time hugely benefiting charities. The latest awesome project is to row, yes row, from Barcelona to Ibiza, covering the 330km in an 80 hour tour de force. Wow! I did say rowing.

Lucy is also a massage therapist, teaches yoga and provides other holistic therapies. She is also writing about the people who live in Monaco, the people that don’t percolate to the forefront, those who need to be recognised which is typical Lucy and wonderful.

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Lead image courtesy Jason Dent on Unsplash

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