If you happen to be passing through the narrow streets of Vieux Nice, why not stop off and say hello to artist extraordinaire, Michel Anthony.

I am fortunate enough to count amongst my friends in Nice the brilliantly talented sculptor and painter Michel Anthony. He is unassuming, always smiling, engaging, great company and so on, put simply he is quite frankly an all round good guy.

There has been a lot written about him plus he has won many significant prizes for his work. He also featured amongst the artists at the recent Messe des Artistes in Nice. Michel has an absolutely fascinating and convoluted past; the twists and turns he took to end in owning a gallery cum atelier in Nice is like an implausible work of fiction – but it is all true!

Michel Anthony Atelier in Nice
Works by Michel Anthony in Nice
Michel will be having a vernissage at Fred’s Bar at 7:30pm this coming Friday, 21st March. He will be showing some of his sculptures plus hanging six new paintings especially created for the vernissage – told you he was a good guy. The works will be on show until the end of March.

So what can I add to what you can’t find out online? We know from Facebook that his relationship life is described as ‘complicated’ – that is not my business of course, just amusing.

Atelier Anthony in Vieux Nice
Sculptures by Michel Anthony in Nice
What you may not know, which I can share, is that he uses a foundry in Tuscany where he takes his moulds ready from the hot metal and finishing, patina. Each stage in the process is overseen personally by Michel, he is meticulous so the work has to come out just as he wants it – perfection, nothing less will do.

This eye for perfection is echoed in the work on display in his gallery. Michel is producing smaller items, with each one being unique and finished by hand. The smaller items are affordable and can be stashed in your hand luggage which is a must for Easyjetters.

When you are in the Old Town of Nice think about paying a visit to Michel’s gallery, which is in rue Droite, right next to the Snug & Cellar. You will be glad you did, and just maybe he will divulge what ‘complicated’ means.

Atelier Anthony in Nice
Atelier Anthony
20, rue Droite
06300 Nice

Tel: 04 22 09 91 68

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All photos © Mike Colquhoun


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