When in the old town of Antibes, be sure to drop in and say a big hello to Julie and Victor in Choopy’s Cupcakes and Coffee Shop!

Everyone loves cupcakes. Everyone. That’s why Choopy’s in Antibes is a great place to go and hang out. So we did. And we had the chance to speak with Victor, who was kind enough to tell us a little about the business, while Julie held down the fort. But only after they had both finished playing with the cupcakes…

So, Victor, how long has Choopy’s been in existence, who is involved?

My partner, Julie, and I created Choopy’s almost two years ago. Everything started in our campervan in a desert in Australia, driving up to Darwin. We were talking about opening a coffee-shop with cupcakes and free wifi back in France. And from there, the idea for Choopy’s was born.

What is your most popular cupcake?

The most popular cupcake – there are a few that come to mind, but most of all, customers like, no, customers LOVE, Nutella!

Check out Choopy's in Antibes!

What has been the most bizarre request for a cupcake?

Nothing really that bizarre, but we keep listening to our customers, and do what they ask for (baby showers, pirates and princess birthdays, etc.)

Who has been your most famous client?

All our customers are stars here. (Editor’s note – smooth, Victor. Very smooth!)

Is Antibes the cupcake capital of the Côte d’Azur?

Come to our coffee shop and tell us what you think!  

Choopy's won an award this year!

Have you won any awards?

We are very proud to have come third in the French “Latte Art” championships this year. 

We believe that you will be at the Antibes Yacht Show this week?

We will be there throughout the show, serving freshly baked cupcakes, cookies and gluten free cakes, with coffee, homemade iced tea, tchaï latte, yummy hot chocolate and plenty more!

Choopy's Cupcake and Coffee-Shop in Antibes

Thanks to Julie and Victor for their very warm welcome, and if you do happen to be at the Antibes Yacht Show over this weekend, do stop by and have a cupcake or two. You’ll thank us later! 

Choopy’s Cupcake and Coffee Shop
19, rue du Marc
06600 Antibes

Tel: 04 93 64 90 68

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All photographs © Naneen Rossi




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