The recently opened Comptoir Central Électrique on rue Bonaparte is getting a bit of a name for itself, and deservedly so – we love it!

The business and name moved to rue Papon. From this aged interior of yesteryear has emerged Phoenix-like a new (it is rue Bonaparte so you just know it isn’t going to be anything practical), a new coffee bar – café!  It has transformed this little corner of trendy into something über trendy – I said über trendy and meant it.  

Okay, okay give me a break, I know the interior looks like a few hundred designer’s boards have been sewn together – BUT it works. It is so cool just to sit there and enjoy a coffee, watch the world go by – and a lot of the world does go by. I do sit there. I know. 

Le Comptoir Central Électrique in Nice

Le Comptoir Central Électrique interior in Nice

Foodwise they have started out simple with assiettes that look good. Ideal for a light lunch. Untried – sorry. Gives me an excuse, as if one was needed, to wander back in. It is open early – NOT Sundays (yes, I know, I cried) – 7:30am and finishes at half past midnight. The crowd changes from the loungers (moi), the munchers, the afternoon loungers (ok, moi again) and then transforms itself into a very chic evening venue that feels just right. 

Remember we are talking rue Bonaparte, so the clientele is an eclectic mix of great people from everywhere. Accents from all corners. Everyone seems to love the place the moment they walk in, no ifs or buts.  

The bar area of Comptoir Central Électrique in Nice

Nice lighting at le Comptoir Central Électrique in Nice!

Music choice? It is great. Fits the time of day beautifully. I hope it stays like this. They also have their act together now service-wise, so I have no complaints!  

My advice is to Go Do … let’s add Now to that.

Le Comptoir Central Électrique exterior in Nice

Le Comptoir Central Électrique
10, rue Bonaparte
06300 Nice

Tel: 04 93 55 31 27

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All photographs © Mike Colquhoun



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