Tote et Mamie Charlotte is one of the newest additions to the eateries located in and around Place Rossetti in the heart of Vieux Nice.

Looking for the newest go-to brunch spot or the ideal place for a Happy Hour drink at the end of a busy day? Well then, let us suggest Tote et Mamie Charlotte, conveniently located in the heart of the old town and just a stone’s throw from the famed Fenocchio. The bistro boasts a unique decor and has succeeded in striking the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, with its offerings of old recipes and organic dishes.

Eager to pay tribute to their great aunt and their grandmother respectively, the owners, two energetic young women, regularly produce menus that favour quality over quantity and always feature fresh market ingredients. While their staple dish is the organic “œuf cocotte”, they also really excel in small plates and breakfasty-type dishes.

Tote et Mamie Charlotte in Nice

On weekends, brunch is available for the very reasonable price of €25, with four options to choose from:

– Le Charcutier which offers a large array of delicatessen products,
– Le Poulailler and its oeuf cocotte,
– Le Fromager, which is composed of a great variety of cheese, apples and dried fruits, and
– Le Norvégien which features smoked salmon, shrimps and rillettes.

Each of the brunch options includes a hot drink (do check out the heavenly hot chocolate!), one freshly squeezed orange juice, a croissant, one slice of organic bread, some jams, and either a home-made pastry or a dairy product.

Tote et Mamie Charlotte in the centre of Vieux Nice

Lunchtime fare in the restaurant includes generous salads, quiches and foie gras, and by afternoon, it turns into a coffee shop, serving up great cakes and crepes. However it is in the evening that Tote et Mamie Charlotte comes into its own, especially when the weather is nice, with a great selection of beer and delicious cocktails such as the famous Spritz, as well as unpretentious, yet tasty, tapas to munch on.

The restaurant will be closed for most of November to give the owners a rest after a very busy summer. But come December, be ready to discover this sweet little spot and plenty of new dishes!

Tote et Mamie Charlotte in Vieux Nice

Tote et Mamie Charlotte
2, Rue Rossetti
06300 Nice

Opening hours: daily from 10am to 11 pm, except Tuesdays and Wednesdays

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