The B Spot strap line is Live Art Stage, precisely what it delivers on target. A lot of live music, fashion, and art events, plus two stages!

Centrally located, adjacent to avenue Jean Médecin and Nice Étoile (where you can park), it does make it a very accessible venue, one you will go to once, then go to again – once discovered not forgotten. A good place to put on your list of regular haunts.

Is it the quality of the live acts that aren’t forced into a small stage area? Is it that you can actually see the acts without being crushed in a narrow space? Or is it that you can still hear the music, see the band on a screen and still talk? Yes, it is all those things. You walk in to a great space which makes you want to chill, to hang out, you will want to text others to say come on over … it is that sort of place.

The décor is simple and refined. Music isn’t on every day so checking the schedule is a must! Their site is good, the music on there is an example of what you will find, check it out  A really good eclectic mix of rhythmic music styles that are bang up to date, from around the real world, beautifully crafted with skill and imagination!

The stage are at the B-Spot in NiceThe cocktail menu at the B-Spot in Nice

The long easy to get to bar, that is a big deal in these parts, offers a great variety of cocktails so there is one thing for sure you will not run out of drink ideas. It also offers some interesting (though not that expansive a list of) bar food. Heck, anywhere can offer great cocktails and then some, plus you aren’t there for the food really.

What it delivers which is way better is a truly great atmosphere that feels just right, an easy ambiance with room to move. It is so reminiscent of laid back clubs in London and NYC, ones that don’t have to try too hard as they have a formula that works – the B Spot formula works.

Is there more? Yes there is. Over the next few months, Scott Raske of Art Werk is bringing fashion and art to the B Spot. This isn’t going to be any old fashion or any old art, it will be contemporary, edgy stuff brought in from Scott’s wide range of contacts, including one Manou Marzban.

The upcoming Art-Beat exhibition in B-Spot in Nice

The events will be coupled with great live music in keeping with that B Spot strap line – Live Art Stage.

And, you know what is really cool? The B Spot is right here in Nice!! Go listen. Go drink. Go snack. Go enjoy. Hey, and don’t forget to take your friends, they will thank you for the intro!!

24, ave. Maréchal Foch
06000 Nice

Tel: 04 93 92 00 90

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All photographs © Mike Colquhoun


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