Apetown – a new supergroup that is taking the whole of the French Riviera by storm. You heard it here first, now go see them play!

I am liking Apetown a lot. Original songs delivered with energy, passion and a lot of perspiration! Cool, music wise, hot action wise – no, not that sort of hot, keep your cool! The songs move, you move, inside you are moved…end up being surprised, you are in the same spot you started in.

Genre?? Good question. Not that happy you asked, as it is tough to place. It ain’t ballads, phew, thankful for that. Easy listening, nope. R’n’B, lost track of what that means. Heavy metal, give me a break. What then? House, garage, shed, cave…hey, cave – ape that works!! It is modern rock of a listenable dance variety that engages you – engages, how corporate can you get, it does just that.

fantastic bag of mixed talents from everywhere. Simon the guy who pens the songs is a Brit but spent his life in so many places like Vietnam, then there is the fabulous slinky Alice who delivers the songs with such passion, totally switched on. Axel is German, on his funky guitar. Then there is Jeff on harmonica and vocals, who is a star turn in his own right. All this is backed by the extremely competent Pocky on bass, with the back beat pounded out by drummer Jaren. What a line up!

Apetown, the French Riviera supergroup!

Take a look at the video snippet – don’t criticise the video quality – I know who you are and will hunt you down like ….. (sorry, bit sensitive today). Listen, watch – that is energy for you.

Go see, enjoy. Where? Details? You expect details? Grief! OK – The next outing is in Tourettes-sur-Loup on Thursday 1st August, at Scourédon just beside the church, and admission is free. GO! An order is an order, soldier. 


Lead image courtesy Apetown; photo montage courtesy Mike Colquhoun



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