A great location for a great little restaurant, time to check out the Graziella in the Port de Fontvieille – you will not be disappointed!

The Graziella is a rather good looking glass fronted place near the furthest end of the quayside at Fontvieille. It has a really lovely aspect over the water with views of the palace complex on the cliffs above – ok, it isn’t that romantic, just a great sense of being somewhere special.

In reality, it is nothing more that a pretty averagely priced pizzeria despite its handsome appearance. But wait, don’t rush to conclusions. The welcome is good – the order of languages is Italian, Italian, Italian, then English and maybe French if you must.

The Graziella in Fontvieille

They do really nice small bruschetta that are served as an appetiser (freebie, we like freebies). The meals are cooked just right, the pasta was al dente as it should be. All the meals looked appetising. Forget chunks of baguette, instead they have nice individual rounds of bread, very good for mopping up balsamic and olive oil. If you ask the very welcoming lady manager, she will bring you more bruschetta or bread … be nice though!

The desserts were not tested, that said looking at those being brought to other tables, they looked good, so good in fact the next table had a second dessert … given they had already had a starter and main course the dessert must have been especially good. Which brings me neatly around to telling you to try their version of a choc ice – delivered in a small wrapper, dark chocolate envelopes some very tasty, yes naughty, rich ice cream.

Great selection of gelato in Graziella in Fontvieille

Some famous guests at Graziella in Fontvieille

So go there for whatever meal. You will be delighted with the service, the location, the cleanliness and hopefully the food. An excellent value, solid offering in a lovely location! Bonzer.  

Graziella (Casa del Gelato)
42, quai Jean-Charles Rey
98000 Monaco

Tel: +377 92 05 76 86

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All images © Mike Colquhoun


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