Meet Margarita Nagel, your very own personal coach there to help you achieve a beautiful body, a balanced mind, and a happy soul.

Do you feel uncomfortable in your body, is your soul stiffled and suffering from exhaustion? Do you feel alone and isolated with the problems in your life? Do you feel misunderstood in times of crisis? Do you have difficulty in calming down, resting or sleeping? Are you having problems in your relationship?

As your personal coach, Margarita Nagel offers you a chance to regain or achieve physical fitness, to get to the bottom of physical discomfort or pain, as well as help resolving life crises and conflicts with your partner.

She presents you with options and solutions to help in finding yourself again, feeling your own body and getting on with your life by having the necessary tools to cope with difficult situations.

To look at the mind, body, and soul as a unit and to bring them into line with each other is essential to her line of work.

As a coach, she basically sees herself as an initiator and advisor, not a therapist. With a holistic view of your situation in life, she will develop new approaches to make you feel better again and regain confidence.


Using sessions and various methods such as Chakra balancing (of which Margarita is a specialist), autogenic training, Alexander Technique, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), dance improvisation, and such like, she offers individuals and couples solutions specifically tailored to their situation.

These sessions help find more mental and emotional stability for the client, and Margarita will accompany you during these difficult situations and stages of life.

As a specialist in the field of Chakra balancing, she will open a way to heal your body and feel deeply relaxed.

Margarita believes that couples splitting up in times of crisis does not have to happen, but it is important for them to learn to understand each other, and to do so in depth. She can offer ways to get couples back together again, allowing them to move on in their partnership and to find solutions to their problems.

'Love yourself and it doesn't matter who you marry' by Eva-Maria Zurhorst

Following the idea of the book ‘Love Yourself and it Doesn’t Matter Who You Marry’ by Eva-Maria Zurhorst, Margarita offers hope for every couple.

Another focus is on a return to more physical fitness. Nutritional counselling, exercise preparation, and specific training, based on contemporary dance gymnastic exercises, in combination with the mental work will make you gain long, beautiful muscles and help with your physical well-being.

Margarita Nagel
Personal Coach
16, rue Lamartine
06000 Nice

Tel: 06 52 05 36 94

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