With the annual winter sales almost upon us, it’s time to keep your eyes peeled for the best bargains – even when the choices are so mind boggling!

That time of year again. The Winter Sales. The time you forget about that ‘list’ you promised yourself you’d stick to, and buy a whole load of stuff (simply because it was on sale), and which ultimately ends up stashed at the back of your wardrobe, destined never to see the light of day.

It’s always important to stick with what works for you, so rather than combining all of the coolest fashion trends, why not simply shop for a few signature pieces to update your current wardrobe, and simply mix and match? Our style gurus have compiled a list of “must-haves” to make your shopping escapades just that little easier, whilst ensuring that you still remain queen bee in the style stakes.

Peplums which have been very popular over the summer will be just as trendy in the following months, except winter peplums will be darker and classier – look out for them on cocktail dresses and skirt suits.

Peplums galore!

Leather is also going to be a key player this winter, with most major designers having featured it in their recent collections. Leather doesn’t need to be tacky – on the contrary, it works with anything, and if you really can’t see yourself investing in one complete piece, why not opt for some cute leather accessories or even a t-shirt with leather accents on either the sleeves/elbows for an edgier look.

Military-style outfits have always made their presence known with their sharp lines, tones of green, and tons of boots – this winter will be no exception. You might have also noticed that studs have positively invaded the fashion world – they’re everywhere, although personally I’d leave the studded rocker boots, t-shirts, jackets, and accessories to the ‘devil may care’ teenager or early twenty-somethings! If you’re still keen on the look though, we DO love the studded loafers available at most high street retailers, which look amazing with a pair of skinny pants.

Studded loafers and skinny pants

Speaking of pants, as much as we love to get our blue jeans on, why not play with some colour by mixing things up a little? Pack away your neons and pastels of spring, and invest in a couple of pairs in earthy tones like moss green, sandy clay, rust, or even a rich plum/burgundy for a dressy evening out.

Like all of the season’s trends, the love of the East and Oriental fashion is all about mixing it up – not walking outside looking like you’ve just stepped off the set of a Geisha movie. Squish out the images you have of figure-hugging silk dresses with mandarin collars and silk knot buttons and think feminine yet androgynous, on everything from cropped pants, wrap style dresses and paneled coats.

Whilst dark hues always seem to dominate the winter colour palette, don’t let this stump your creativity as it seems to do with most people – winter doesn’t need to be just about black, brown, and more black. Think earthy tone florals, or mountain landscape inspired graphic prints, and you’ve got the right idea.  

Sales in Nicetoile start 13th January

Peplums image courtesy Patent Leather and Pearls; Studded Loafers image courtesy Frappachayno


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