Wake up from hibernation, what a wonderful time of year it is! Summer is on its way, the travel season is about to get into full swing, and there’s no better time for visiting the world!

I spend a good deal of time and energy thinking, planning and stressing about what to pack when going on a trip. With all the boxes that need to be ticked in getting from home to our final destination, it’s not only smart to dress comfortably and in a way that won’t disrupt other travellers, it’s a straight-up necessity.

Patrick Robinson of PASKHOReady to get comfy, and look as good as you feel whilst travelling, and for all the various activities you will be undertaking during your trip?

My go-to man is Patrick Robinson, Founder and Chief Designer of PASKHO. He is a driven, independant and sincere designer, just the right man to take care of the getting dressed part.

This world traveller, micro-adventurer, bee and chicken keeper, gardener and inspired cook’s pathway to success is the combination of passion (Paskho in Greek), work and vision in creating a company that prides itself on its socially responsible manufacturing.

“I have always been obsessed with ways to minimize waste, and since I was creating Paskho from the ground up, I took the opportunity to research ways that I might be able to use recycled materials without affecting the quality of design that I was searching for.” – Patrick Robinson

PASKHO produces exclusively with KTC to ensure that all products are manufactured under safe, fair, legal standards, whilst ensuring humane working conditions.

In his 25+ year career as Chief Creative Officer, Patrick has transformed multiple iconic brands into profitable global companies in America, Europe and Asia, including Giorgio Armani, Anne Klein, Perry Ellis, Paco Rabanne, Target and Gap.

Opportunities for challenging hikes and pleasant strolls are scattered all over this planet, you don’t have to be an elite endurance athlete to get out there and enjoy yourself and your surroundings.

Feeling good naturally – walk, fly, eat, drink, hike, bike, ski, a lot of culture and love … let PASKHO be your travel companion!

Paskho clothing


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All images courtesy PASKHO

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