Local fashion designer, Manuela Biocca, tells us of her recent experiences at Turin Fashion Week, and also gives us a sneak preview of her upcoming projects.

Cannes-based fashion designer, Manuela Biocca, was invited by the Unioncamere Piemonte (the Piedmont General Union of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry) and by the Turin Chamber of Commerce  to participate in the Torino Fashion Week and Torino Fashion Match that took place from the 27th June to the 3rd of July 2016 in the beautiful Italian city.

The two events were organized by TMODA (Torino Moda, Italian and Piedmont Fashion Promotion Association) – in partnership with CCIAA (Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture in Turin), Unioncamere Piemonte, EEN (Enterprise Europe Network), CNA (Handicraft National Confederation, Small and Medium Firms), Slow Fashion (collective registered trademark of the CNA Turin), Confartigianato (Italian Handicraft Confederation), Booking Piemonte and IAAD ( Applied Art and Design Institute, Italian university of design).

Manuela Biocca @ Torino Fashion Week

She was also selected by the organizers of the event to participate in the EEN catwalk show, which was part of the Torino Fashion Week, allowing her to present her designs alongside more than 30 Italian and international designers.

The event took place at the MRF Mirafiori (the former Mirafiori-Fiat plant), an historical place that was home to much of the car and design industry success in Turin. The industrial style of the building was the perfect backdrop to highlight the creativity of the designers and upcoming new talent.

The following day was Torino Fashion Match, focussing on the textile and fashion industries. It was organised in collaboration with the Unioncamere Piemonte, in partnership with EEN (Enterprise Europe Network), and supported by the EEN textile-fashion and industries group.

EEN is the world’s largest support network for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs), with some 3,000 experts in more than 60 countries. It offers fashion professionals (fashion designers, stylists, agents, producers, distributors) the opportunity to meet, show their work, create partnerships, develop commercial opportunities, and so on.

The event took place at the baroque style Palazzo Birago di Borgaro, constructed by Count Augusto Renato Birago di Borgaro, who lived there during the first part of the 18th century. This beautiful palace is now the head office for the chamber of commerce, handicraft, industry and agriculture of Turin. Truly an ideal environment for showcasing design.

The event also afforded each participant the opportunity to exhibit a piece of their choice at the Circolo del Design – Manuela chose to highlight a piece from her Résonance collection, a crown of handmade roses entitled “Beauté Fatale”.

And as regards future projects, what does Manuela have in store for us?

She is currently preparing a new collection which she hopes to present at the 2017 Torino Fashion Week. Without giving too much away, she tells us that it will be a somewhat dark collection, adorned with jewelry pieces, gemstones and handmade flowers. But, you’ll just have to wait and see…!

Another designer that Manuela met in Turin, Arabella Isca, Place du Cap of Menton, will also be showcasing her work. They are hoping to collaborate in the coming year – one idea is for Manuela to customise one of Arabella’s bags with lace and a handmade rose.

Torino Fashion Week banner

We wish Manuela all the best with her upcoming collections and collaborations, and look forward to hearing all about next year’s Torino Fashion Week!


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All photos courtesy Torino Fashion Week, except photo of Manuela at desk courtesy Manuela Biocca


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