OK – let’s talk about Monaco Fashion Week. What, you don’t think there is such a thing? How wrong you are – it most certainly lives!

It is the first Fashion Week that has been held in Monaco so it is the start of something good. This inaugural year it was held in the grand hall of the Oceanographic Museum up on the Rocher in Monaco Ville. A great swish setting for this glittering stylish event.

The week is actually three days made up of a press conference and round table discussions, catwalk shows and then a showroom of the latest creations. The emphasis this year was on Russian designers as 2015 is the Year of Russia in Monaco. Spring/Summer collections for 2016 being the focus.

Monaco Fashion Show 2015

On Day 2, a legion of aspiring designers showed their creations in three sets of chic catwalk shows. Many local designers were represented such as Beach & Cashmere, Stardust/Pain de Sucre, Ma.Lesi and many more. Worthy of a separate mention, local sculptor and artist of international repute, Marcos Marin’s designs formed the basis of EE Gallery with Didimara’s collection. It is so rewarding to see sculptures and paintings cross over into textiles particularly so when you know the artist!

OK, this is not Paris or London so it is going to have a different feel. There was a bit of ‘edge’ though for the most part the creations were the sort of thing that, given the right amount of money, could be purchased and worn to one of the glittering events along the Riviera. In fact I would say the target audience is maybe Riviera based, given that the Riviera is very international, then the buzz will get out for sure.

The catwalk at the Monaco Fashion Show 2015

The Fashion Council of Monaco, who created the event, should be very proud indeed of this first event. Federica Nardoni Spinetta of Beach & Cashmere is a founder member, organiser and participant used very expert events organisers to produce a beautiful show. The result is very professional, very elegant and does create a wonderful showcase for fashion in Monaco. A super showcase for fashion that will keep the invited buyers interested, the press and bloggers talking and give celebrity guests an idea of what is hot.

Would you want to go? Women who like fashion, I believe there are one or two, would love it – alas you need to be invited. That said why not make a note on the calendar to check out Monaco Fashion Week in July 2016 – you will be glad you did! 

All the action from the Monaco Fashion Show 2015

All photos © Mike Colquhoun




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