Every city seems to have that one place where no matter what people come together and Le Swing is considered just such an establishment in the Nice LGBTQ nightlife scene.

Here you will experience a bit of an apero bar, karaoke joint, drag shows, and small nightclub. And if it’s locals you want to meet, then Le Swing is the place to go.

Over the years Le Swing has gone through some minor variations on what the business is about…techno club, local hangout, bar. With a lot of spirit, and even as Covid restrictions lift, the club is holding true to what it is, a trendy gathering space.

Here, you get what you see, no confusing, pretentious layout, a crowd with no attitude, and just a whole lot of fun. A very come-as-you-are atmosphere.

Located close to the MAMAC near Place Garibaldi at 10 Rue Defly, Le Swing has been a huge supporter of the community for several years. Everyone is welcome, especially if you are visiting Nice for the first time and want to get a general feel for the city on your trip.

Locals are known for going to Le Swing at apero time to catch up with each other over a selection of reasonably priced drinks and tapas, and if you love to sing (or at least try), the bar has become the “go-to” spot for karaoke.

The French love to celebrate life through song and dance so if you want to experience cultural favourites of the past and present through music then head to Le Swing.

And if it’s drag shows and a bit of cabaret that you are after, Le Swing brings together the best in drag stars for your entertainment.

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All images courtesy Le Swing Nice

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