Travellers looking for a good night out can now rejoice as a new site has recently launched in a number of European cities.

TripnParty is the first site to connect travellers with the coolest locals across European cities for a great party experience. Available in Dublin, Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona and Brussels, there are more than 50 locals across the six cities ready to welcome travellers.

With more than 1,000 members across Europe, TripnParty offers an exclusive party experience for those wanting to have the best local evenings during their trips.

Connecting travellers with locals, TripnParty is the best way to create a good travel plan to party like a local.

Tripnparty in Europe

The TripnParty experience begins at night in the travellers’ city of choice. Locals will open doors for travellers to discover authentic places, hidden gems and unknown secrets of their city.

Simon Godreau, founder of TripnParty says, “Today, taking a trip with a guide or using Google search usually leads travellers to tourist traps. Our goal is to propose an authentic evening with a local. The traveller will spend a singular evening, away from the standard touristy places while the local can be enriched with intercultural encounters with the expenses of the night out covered.”

Tripnparty experience

Imagine a weekend in Madrid. Thanks to TripnParty, you will party like a “madrileño”, sharing an exclusive local experience.”

I live in the neighbourhood of Malasaña in Madrid and when I go out at night, I like to go to ‘Casa Julio’, a place with an amazing vibe and the best croquetas in Madrid. The night will end off at ‘La Casa del Pez’ which serves really good gin tonics for 5€. These bars are not known to tourists as they are not prolific on social media or on Google search. It is a shame that a traveller in Madrid will miss out and end up in places that are not representative of the city.”

Tripnparty locals

With TripnParty, unique experiences for an amazing evening await: from aperitifs or dinner with locals, to the coolest bars, concerts, restaurants as well as private parties, after-work events or even surprise parties. Nights out on trips will never be the same again!


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