Join with Greenpeace and support their global bike ride to challenge big oil and celebrate the beauty of the Arctic this September.

The Arctic acts as a giant cooler for the Earth, reflecting sunlight back into space. However, our global addiction to fossil fuels has resulted in the melting of the Arctic sea ice, which in turn means that the ocean now absorbs the sunlight, causing further increases in temperature.

The melting sea ice is also believed to cause extreme weather events further south, like Hurricane Sandy that the North Eastern US states experienced late last year.

Greenpeace Arctic stats

With the ice melting, opportunities arise for the big oil companies to move in and exploit the natural resources, rather than viewing the situation as a warning to the planet. Sadly, what happens in the Arctic affects us all. We need to act together to promote the sustainability of the Arctic, and not stand back and let big business do as they please. 

As a global citizen, you can help out and ensure the survival of the Arctic, if even in a small way. So why not consider taking part in the Greenpeace Iceride on Sunday 15th September. This is a global initiative, and there are events taking place throughout cities and towns everywhere. And if there is not an event planned for your locality, why not set one up yourself?


We all need to act together and stop reckless development, runaway climate change, and oil spills. Time to speak up for the environment and our futures.

Get on your bike and support the Greenpeace Iceride in September 2013

All images courtesy Greenpeace International


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