So, Crazy Week has come to an end, and what a journey of musical discovery it has been – we’re already looking forward to next year’s offering!

It has been a fantastic Crazy Week, amazing. Discovering Miss America, what a treat that was, a young local band that actual could deliver. Then discovering the magic of FFF who have been around a while although this the first time I experienced their energy. Two wows definitely on the list for searching out – they should be on your list too.

Best to last? Hard call as it all really rocked to the last drop. To close we had Marie Antoinette who would work really well at different gigs like in Place du Pin in Nice. They were followed by Gush who initially failed to connect with me, then suddenly out of the blue I started to gush, these guys like music and boy can they play. Great repertoire Gush is on the list of bands to go and see – I hope you are taking notes.

Marie Antoinette at Crazy Week 2014 in Nice

Marie Antoinette performing at Crazy Week 2014 in Nice

Gush performing at Crazy Week 2014 in Nice

Gush perform at Crazy Week 2014 in Nice

Headlining was a legend – Joe Satriani. Everyone knows him. Everyone loves him. They say that those who can’t, teach – Joe who has taught the best in the business, disproves that statement 100%. Passionate and involved in every moment. Superb, searing, soaring guitar music at its very very best. Uplifting, invigorating – it gets no better that this. As they say – you had to be there, you should have been there, I think you are beginning to understand that now.

Joe Satriani at Crazy Week Nice 2014

Joe Satriani performs at Crazy Week Nice 2014

My thanks to the enchanting Charlotte at Cri de la Marmotte  and Ivoire Music for creating this wonderful festival. I will be back next year for sure! 


All photographs © Mike Colquhoun




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