Crazy Week did not disappoint at all. An evening of amazing energy, great music which everyone was up for! The place was thronged.

Saturday night at Crazy Week festival — the penultimate night, and what an interesting lineup. HVN I have seen before. Nice Nice local band with a solid, youngish following. Good energy though still emerging, everyone starts from somewhere. Very likeable, adored by some, they do deliver to the maximum, especially the lead singer who does a mean line in synth and drums too.

Then came FFF! They blew me away, wow — I’ll rephrase that — WOW! From the moment they came on stage until they left, it was music maxed out, lots of frenetic movement, lots of just everything you want – all band members get in on the act, all of them were in the moment. You know what, it was fun too, made me smile, made me laugh – so cool.


Every organ in my body has been jiggled and displaced by the throbbing driving sound. I had never heard of them. Now that I have, I will spread the word – they are so worth searching out. A mixed bag of members too that adds to the spice, nice to see brass, nice to see the trombonist too! How would I describe their music? In your face rock I guess with an undercurrent of reggae. I am no expert – I am expert however on what I like – FFF I liked – a lot.

FFF at Crazy Week 2014

FFF in action at Théatre de Verdure in Nice

FFF maxing it out in Nice during Crazy Week 2014

Follow that – they did, with Skip the Use (pictured below). Another high energy act, driven mainly by the singer who rocketed about the stage, engaged with the audience, the connection was tangible. I liked Skip the Use, but after FFF I had seen Paris and so not ready to go back to the farm again. Make no mistake, they were good – very good. I don’t want you wandering off thinking they sucked – that they did not.

Skip the Use play Crazy Week in Nice 2014

Skip the Use in Nice 2014

After finding Miss America on the first night of Crazy Week, I am amazed to find another band in the shape of FFF that I would recommend, urge, extoll or whatever to go and see. This festival keeps on giving, I keep on receiving, how cool is that.

Sunday is the last night of Crazy Week – Boo Hoo! Can’t wait to see what that delivers. And we always have 2015 to look forward to as well!

Some young fans at Crazy Week 2014 in Nice

All photographs © Mike Colquhoun





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