Mickaël was made for hospitality and being in front of a camera. A great personality in person and through the lens. Nevertheless, he still prefers to be on the unseen side of the lens, putting together and organizing.

There is no question that he is very capable on the ‘unseen’ side. He identifies fresh opportunities and makes those opportunities a reality. I remember when he turned an unused terrace at a hotel into a regular entertainment spot and brought a number of excellent events into the hotel.

The ‘Mister Riviera’ blog was a creation of his. It is composed of very personal recommendations of what to do, stay or where to eat and be entertained on the Riviera. It is far from being a general touristy site, his recommendations and insights are very much his own. Curiously, he is never mentioned of seen on the site itself, always in the background. Due to the pressures of his other activities, the blog is not as current as it should be though this will be remedied soon.

Mickael Mugnaini

Photo by Alice Morelli, TV Monaco

Agence AZ Nice - Photo Dylan Tomasoni

Photo by Dylan Tomasoni

Mickael Mugnaini - Photo Alice Morelli TV Monaco

Photo by Alice Morelli, TV Monaco

He is a natural for the hospitality sector having worked in many hotels and developing their businesses. Mickaël continues to do this with a twist. He now has an agency which works with many hotels and hospitality businesses to help them develop. The developments are built on Mickaël’s wealth of experience in social media, his wide range of contacts in journalism and his commitment to deliver a product and continue working with the client. The Agence-AZ has grown to 7 which is awesome for a niche enterprise.

Mickaël, the unseen backroom person, is now very much in front of the camera. He has his own regular spot on TV Monaco having being with them since it was created in the fall of 2023. He may not like being in the limelight; however, the limelight really likes him and I have no douubt that we will see much more of this rising Riviera star.

another grey line

All photos courtesy Mickaël Mugnaini; lead image by Clement Rougie; all other photos as credited

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