L’Entrepôt Gallery and Art-Box.Store present “Through the Lens”, an exhibition featuring the photography of four women photographers: Lisa De Rea Frederiksen, Kathrin Hoyos, Bolonie Shuhaibar, and Jilly Bennett

Through the narrations of their lens, they explore nature, people and different places, constantly reminding us about the mystery and the beauty that lie within them.

Photography isn’t about the camera. It’s about your eyes. It’s about knowing where to stand. It’s about knowing when to click the shutter. And when it all comes together, it’s magic.” Lisa De Rea Frederiksen tells us.

Bolonie Shuhaibar’s photos are based on what touches her heart, she is greatly influenced by the beauty of nature and flowers. She says “For me, photography is an art form which allows me to express myself. When I pick up my camera, I find it a way of relaxing from the many stresses of our everyday life. Being able to capture and create a beautiful moment and conserving fragile beauty to cherish forever is magical”


Kathrin Hoyos likes to dig into a theme or concept. She is less interested in documenting truth or beauty as such, but can get carried away by exploring a motive to the roots, nearly scientifically, technically as perfect as possible, over and over again not resting till she has covered her subject in such depth until she is finally satisfied with the result.

Jilly Bennett tells us “With my love of dogs and my passion for photographing everyday life in Italy and France it was natural they should find each other. Much of my life was spent in the world of dogs, first as a breeder and exhibitor and later as an International judge of Old English Sheepdogs. It is the interaction between a dog and his or her human that fascinates me and it’s that emotion I love to capture with my camera”

The organisers are also thrilled to announce the special participation of Jordan Matter, the acclaimed American portrait and dance photographer, and author of the New York Times bestsellers Dancers Among Us and Born To Dance.

Jordan has created a viral phenomenon that has brought him more than 4 million followers on Instagram and YouTube. Check out his videos and especially his 10 Minute Photo Challenge.

The exhibition starts at 2pm Saturday 12th June 2021 and runs until 17th June at L’Entrepôt, 22 rue de Millo in Monaco. There will be a musical performance by artists from Monaco International Performing Arts Centre (MIPAC) and Golden Voices of Monaco on the Saturday afternoon.

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All images courtesy L’Entrepôt Gallery and Art-Box.Store
Beach : Kathrin Hoyos
Dogs : Jilly Bennet
Red flowers : Bolonie Shuhaibar
Fountain : Lisa De Rea Frederiksen

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