Point Art Monaco Fine Art Fair & Jewels of the World is underway at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, running until Sunday, 26th July.

One excellent reason for spending some time at the Point Art Monaco Fine Art Fair & Jewels of the World during ‘la canicule’ is that it is air conditioned! This is good news as you will want to spend some serious time gawking at the superb artwork and jewels. This is no museum, this work is accessible, you can buy it – given the necessary funds I should add, this is not going to be a cheap investment!

Warhols, some great sketches of his – fascinating as they give you an insight to the developing Warhol. Like Hockney? That base is covered too. How about Breugal, yup, you guessed right there is a lovely example there. Kandinsky maybe? Another tick. Damien Hirst? The ticks are mounting fast. You won’t find Dali – oh, yes you will! Many many more famous artists are right there.

Warhol sketches at Point Art Monaco art fair

Warhol Mao Tse Tsung at Point Art Monaco art fair

Apart from the exquisite art from classical to contemporary there is exquisite jewellery as well. An absolute feast for the eyes. Best seen live. The colours are amazing, the craftsmanship sublime with a built in Wow Factor. A warning for any guys still in the first flush of romance with a new partner or, wink, paramour – you could find yourself a lot poorer than when you went in. You have been warned.

The salons have been set out stylishly. It feels like a special experience which of course it is. The lighting is as perfect as it can be. Each of the displays has been thoughtfully presented, just right in my opinion. In museums I tend to scurry through, note one of two things then away. Curiously because this is not a museum, as I said these works are for sale, you can dream that dream or wonder when the universe is going to come good on your wish.

Also at the Grimaldi Forum running in tandem with salons is an exhibition of Chagall & Malevitch – the Revolution of the Avant Gardes. Do that too. Need a break then check out the Pantone café in the main piazza area which has a nice shady terrace to gaze out at the Med from or you can go into the main building taking a table at the Pantone cafe area inside – air conditioned – magical words.

Point Art Monaco art fair

Point Art Monaco art fair at Grimaldi Forum

2015 Point Art Monaco art fair at Grimaldi Forum

And yes … there is Monet! Can you imagine having something like that in your very own living room?? How cool would that be!

Go – I commend it to you – if you do have the money for a Monet, remember who told you, I will be round to toast your purchase …. green with envy too!  

Point Art Monaco Fine Art Fair & Jewels of the World under the patronage of HSH Prince Albert II runs until Sunday, 26th July at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. Admission is free. Opening hours 3pm – 9pm (Sunday 3pm – 6pm).

5th edition of Point Art Monaco art fair

Grimaldi Forum
10, ave. Princesse Grace
98000 Monaco

Tel: +377 99 99 20 00

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All photographs © Mike Colquhoun


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