Sometimes the best laid plans go awry. Sometimes, things that are supposed to happen, just don’t. But that can lead to quite fortuitous encounters.

We recently reported on an upcoming event which typically represents an early seasonal highlight – the annual Bellet Patron Saints’ Weekend, taking place on the last weekend in January every year. This colourful folkloristic festival is also a unique opportunity for the 11 Bellet boutique vineyards to showcase their products.

Two Riviera Buzz delegates therefore dutifully made for the hills on 26th January to report on the events for those unfortunate enough not to be part of the festivities. Their mission was not to be accomplished.

While our intrepid reporters were still looking for the venue they happened upon a tiny space just across from the village church, Saint Roman de Bellet, labeled Via Julia Augusta. Outside this obscure space – with the allure of a garage turned into a party room – was a table, occupied by a group of men enjoying wine and food in equal measure.

La Confreria de Tasta Vin de Monaco

Église de Saint-Roman de Bellet near Nice

Taking that for a good omen, our reporters inquired after the exact location of the venue. Exchanging a series of knowing glances, the men bade our reporters welcome and made them sit down to share their libations with them, while gently breaking the news that, while the mass and speeches had taken place earlier in the day, the afternoon festivities had simply been cancelled due to a shortage of annual wine production. Sadly though, some Bellet official had overlooked to communicate that fact to the press…..

Feeling profoundly sorry for any of our readers who, inspired by our announcement, undertook the trek to the hilly and picturesque Niçois hinterland, this seems to be the opportune time to extend our apologies for not having been able to notify them in time.

We would, however, like to redirect your attention to the treasure we discovered in the process of our futile journey: La Confreria de Tasta Vin de Monaco – some of whose members we had the unexpected pleasure to meet on this balmy, sunny Sunday afternoon in late January. We will shortly be sharing more on this merry organization.


Meanwhile, our warm thanks to Nicolas Contenseau (President), Alexandre Sverloff, Jack Durwell and several other dignitaries of La Confreria for their spontaneous and cordial welcome!

Via Julia Augusta
Route de Bellet
06200 Nice

Tel: 04 93 32 81 76

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