Crazy Week has been rocking the Théâtre de Verdure in Nice all week  – high energy music festivals don’t come much better than this!

A must if you like your drummers Hot and Sweaty …. Crazy? You would be if you didn’t visit Crazy Week before it ends on Friday. Jazz? Uh no – we had that last week, and boy did we have a lot of it – no, this is NOW stuff – like Today Now.

Throbbing (feels like you have an extra heart pumping like a V8 when you get up close), full blooded, driving music by some very, very cool dudes from all over. If you are worried about hearing loss this is not for you – there is nothing to see here – move on. On the other hand if you love Energy with Full On sound then get your skates on, grab a Vélo Bleu, stick on track shoes, get the BuzzMobile from the BuzzCave or whatever and pitch up here Friday.

You will be glad you did – worth going a little deaf for!!! BTW This is an order Buzz People – Heads Up!!

Crazy Week in Nice

More live action from Crazy Week in Nice

High octane at Crazy Week in Nice

Drummer at the ready at Crazy Week 2013

Crazy Week axe hero!

A great night of music at Crazy Week 2013

More action in blue from Crazy Week!

Picture this at Crazy Week!

The second last night of Crazy Week 2013

All photographs © Mike Colquhoun




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