Poke craze has been taking over the culinary world the last few years and now thanks to Super Bol, a laidback joint located on rue des Congrès, this new foodie fad is making a splash in Nice.

Offering a delicious and healthy dining option that incorporates heaps of flavours, it is a great way to put Hawaiian cuisine on the map in a region also known for its sun!

Pronounced ‘po-kay’ and not ‘po-kee’, it is the archipelago’s most famous dish. Featuring raw cubes of seafood in a soy sauce-based marinade, it can be found just about everywhere on the islands – at beach shacks, supermarket delis and trendy high street bars. While the rest of the world is only now discovering this flavorful version of sushi, the dish actually dates back to the arrival of the first Hawaiians on the island chain, who cut up whatever fresh fish they caught each day and mixed it with salt and seaweed collected from the ocean. So, while Super Bol hasn’t invented anything new, it does nonetheless invite us on a healthy journey.

Super Bol Nice menu

The young couple at the helm of Super Bol spent many years in California and know a thing or two about the importance of friendly service. They welcome you in a simple yet beautiful space, decorated with foliage and wood to give the star of the show, the poke, a real chance to shine. They will make sure to accommodate you and explain the concept, leaving you to just choose your poke bowl based on a main filling – super fresh salmon, tuna or tofu. Even the non-fish lovers are covered with a beef option. And for those who cannot make up their mind, there is always the poke bowl of the week, which can include shrimp or octopus.

The menu may seem succinct but it has everything to leave you feeling both healthy and satisfied – the bowl is garnished with various ingredients to pick from (seaweed, ginger, coconut, peanut, avocado, coriander), and served over either rice or quinoa. Of course, there is also the desert of the day and a wide of variety of beverages to accompany the experience.

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The owners work closely with local fishermen and all the bowls are made with fresh ingredients…in just one minute. Delicious, healthy and easy to make…Poke bowls are definitely going to take Nice by storm!

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Super Bol
11, rue du Congrès

06000 Nice

Open Monday to Friday, From 8 am to 5 pm

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All images courtesy Super Bol Nice

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