Nicolas Técher is rallying friends, family, and music enthusiasts in pursuit of his life-long dream to be a successful film music composer.

Having previously studied and trained in France, Nicolas made the big move from his hometown of Cilaos on the French island of Reunion to the large metropolis of Los Angeles less than one year ago. All this in pursuit of his quest to be a film music composer.

And now, Hans Zimmer, the famous Hollywood film music composer, seeks undiscovered composers to participate in an international contest aptly named, “Bleeding Fingers”.

Bleeding Fingers - Hans Zimmer competition in LA

The award — a job of a lifetime as a full-time composer, while working with some of Hollywood’s top film and TV composers inside Hans Zimmer’s state of the art studios in Los Angeles. The three lucky finalists will be announced on or before March 20, 2014.
Many have been lucky enough to encounter Nicolas. When they do, they find that his talent is genuine, unique and raw, and thus become major fans of his music. The first moment that they hear his music, their immediate reaction is, “Why aren’t you famous?”

At age 24, Nicolas has a sophistication, elegance and intelligence that shine through and make his music arrangements quite irresistible.

People want him to succeed. They need him to succeed. It is something that many think about every single day. They remember what it was like trying to start a career in a new country.

It is not an uncommon sentiment, but one that Nicolas’ fans must act upon that share in his ambition and dreams. All he needs now is votes to make his dream come true.
Those who have realized their own dream to make a life in France or elsewhere abroad were likely to have had the support of friends, family and well-meaning strangers. Now for those who have come back to the States, it is an honour to pay-it-forward to a well-deserving man creating his own destiny.

Nicolas Técher, young film composer in LA

To hear and to vote for Nicolas’ re-arranged composition of Hans Zimmer’s music, you are encouraged to visit the Hans Zimmer Wants You website.

All photographs © Yael Serena


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