Milanda de Mont is an Australian contemporary artist now living and working in Germany. She is very much an international artist and has established herself on the art scene with a formidable reputation.

Milanda’s work is amazing. She has exhibited in her own right or in contemporary art salons and expositions worldwide. Nice is on a long list of cities which have hosted her work. Other cities include Paris, Capri, Florence, New York City, Wiesbaden, to name but a few!

Aniko Papista and Milanda have been friends ever since Gravis ART Galerie opened in Nice. Aniko has for a long time wanted to host a showing of Milanda’s art. At last it is happening!

The exhibition commences with a vernissage on Thursday 10th September at Gravis ART Galerie in the old town of Nice.

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Gravis ART Galerie

17, rue Droite
06300 NICE

Tel: +33 6 51 73 89 60

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All photos courtesy Milanda de Mont

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