Light, senses and colour, three words that come to mind when describing the work of Monique Orsini, which so perfectly capture the natural elements to create a serene atmosphere.

Orsini adds indeed a feminine touch to Expressionism and this summer, her sensual approach to painting is being highlighted at the Musée départemental des Arts asiatiques with a beautiful exhibition entitled “Souffles de vie”.

Born in Quercitello, Corsica in 1937 to a father who dedicated his spare time to reproducing the works of famous artists, Monique Orsini has always been attracted by the visual arts. Despite being self-taught, she became an art teacher, starting up many children’s studios and eagerly taking part in the artistic circles of Paris, where she formed many friendships with the likes of Bram van Velde, Karel Appel and Pierre Soulages that served both as a source of great inspiration and mentorship. All throughout her career, Orsini has held numerous solo exhibitions, in France and abroad notably in Sweden, Turkey, and China.

Monique Orsini @ MAA Nice

Painting is essential to me, just like breathing. It forces me to a voluntary discipline, stimulating me and giving me balance,” the artist explains. Very interested by Asian culture, she has harnessed, under the guidance of her friends, Teh Chun and Zao Wou-Ki, the space and light in her unstructured artistic practice.

Orsini’s painting is thus fluid, sensitive, and somehow lyrical. The rhythms of nature, such as the wind, the incoherence of clouds, or running water, can be found in her works but they are transcended by her personality. The French artist likes nothing more than to totally abandon herself to the canvas, letting the emergence of the shape come so that little by little, she is no longer in control but instead it is the canvas that controls her.

Often comparing her work to that of a winemaker who likes to rediscover the roots and power that the land gives us, Orsini constantly keeps looking for the origins of things and let the temperamental and impulsive forces of nature inspire her, hence the curved brushstrokes, created with the entire movement of her body.

Monique Orsini @ MAA Nice

The exhibition “Souffles de vie” runs until the 27th of October at the Musée des Arts Asiatiques in Nice.

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Musée des Arts asiatiques
405, Promenade des Anglais Arenas
06200 NICE

Tel: +33 (0)4 92 29 37 00

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All images courtesy Musée des Arts asiatiques

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