A new exhibition has opened in Monte-Carlo entitled “Acupuncture for the Planet”, featuring the works of Italian artist Fabio Pietrantonio.

The show, which takes place at the Metropole Shopping Centre just across from Place du Casino in Monte-Carlo, will run until 12 September, so no excuse for not stopping by when you are in Monaco.

Fabio Pietrantonio works in several mediums, the wooden sculptures are the focus of the exhibition, he does also have a gorgeous painting in mixed mediums of a fish, plus several cool bronzes reflecting his love for all animals including bears and zebras.

Fabio Pietrantonio at Acupuncture exhibition in Monaco

Fabio Pietrantonio's Acupuncture exhibition in Monaco

Fabio himself is a charming guy, zero arrogance, very willing to talk about his work, his inspiration and what he is focussed on doing – the focus being to actually help our ailing planet back to health through the concept of acupuncture. Yes, really. When you listen to him talk and view the sculptures, there is something that definitely resonates. You will know that I am a feet on the ground person, so if something gels with me, maybe it will gel with you.

OK, you may or may not be into concepts such as vibrations and resonance, but his work may well change your mind – there is a very strong underlying message. Fabio is a strong believer in positivity, that is something comes across strongly which resonates with me completely. Positivity and a desire to change the planet even through a medium such as acupuncture sounds slight ‘out there’ – lots of tribes around the world have this in their belief systems – I think you need to look at his work and think about it, you now have every opportunity to do just that! Remember people like Einstein were also into vibrations.

Fabio Pietrantonio sculpture at Acupuncture exhibition in Monaco

Fabio Pietrantonio Fish at Acupuncture exhibition in Monaco

Fabio, who comes from Milan with his studio there, has exhibited internationally. Wendy Lauwers brought him to Monaco, Wendy is very much part of the arts scene so if she puts her name behind something it is going to be good, this is good.

The exhibition is on all floors of the Metropole Shopping Centre, so you can window shop too! You will be happy you went. 

All photos © Mike Colquhoun





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