On Tuesday, Gabriel Attal achieved a historic milestone by becoming France’s youngest and first openly gay prime minister.

President Emmanuel Macron appointed the 34-year-old Education Minister to the position in a strategic move aimed at revitalizing his presidency, as announced by the Elysée in a press statement.

Following days of speculation, Macron accepted the resignation of Elisabeth Borne, 62, on Monday. Borne had served less than two years in office, paving the way for an anticipated cabinet reshuffle designed to inject fresh energy into the remaining three years of Macron’s mandate.

Gabriel Attal is now entrusted with the responsibility of forming a new government. The move is considered vital for Macron, a two-time president ineligible for the 2027 elections, as it is seen as a strategic measure to prevent Marine Le Pen from ascending to the presidency.

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Lead image courtesy Government of France

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