The Villa Regina Margherita in Bordighera is now a museum featuring selected works of art from the famous and opulent Terruzzi collection.

Located on the elegant Via Romana, the old Roman road that once linked Liguria and Gaul, the Villa, since being turned into a museum in 2011, now houses more than 1,200 works of art.

These include gilded panels from the 14th and 15th centuries, Italian and foreign still lifes from the period between 1500 and 1800, important paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries representing various italian schools, prestigious furnishings, decorative arts and a unique collection of fine porcelains. The famous Minghetti porcelain set deserves special mention for its imposing and spectacular 381 pieces of sublime quality.

Villa Regina Margherita interior
Ornate staircase in the Villa Regina Margherita
Quando voglio pensare a qualche cosa di piacevole e di riposante mi viene subito davanti agli occhi la mia cara villa di Bordighera……” (‘Whenever I want to think of something pleasing and restful, my beloved Villa in Bordighera appears in front of my eyes and my heartfelt gratitude goes out to his architect, Luigi Broggi. This feeling is renewed with the same intensity every time I come back to it’, remarked Queen Margherita, who used to regularly winter in Bordighera).

While leisurely walking around in this seductive atmosphere or in the splendid rose garden, “Roseto della Regina”, and enjoying the full glory of the Terruzzi collection and the majesty of Queen Margherita’s palace, the tempting atmosphere of past epochs is reborn. The museum is a year-round destination and offers a great service to the public, including a bookshop with works about the great Ligurian, Italian and French artists, a library with more than 4,500 books, continually enriched with new editions, enabling access for art lovers, and a workshop for the preservation and restoration of the works of the collection Terruzzi, is also housed in the environs of the Villa. You are also welcome to bring your own antiques into this ‘clinic’ for precious patients!

Enjoy a break at the in-house café, with the incredible panoramic terrace, or maybe take a little excursion into nearby atmospheric Corso Italia, with its funky shops, bars and restaurants. While enjoying a good glass of wine, you can watch the sunset, the perfect way to round off a beautiful day. This is a traditional town with a lively edge.

More interior shots from Villa Regina Margherita in Bordighera
The interior of Villa Regina Margherita in Bordighera
Or even better – to finish off the beautiful day, why not stay in the Grand Hotel del Mare in an elegant sea view room, enjoying a lovely sunset, having a nice swim and a romantic dinner…treat yourself to a romantic getaway! Set in lush tropical gardens overlooking the Mediterranean, the Grand Hotel del Mare is a luxury resort designed to surpass your expectations. Rooms with breathtaking sea-views, a magnificent spa, two salt-water pools, and a private beach make this heaven of comfort and tranquility the “best kept secret” of the Italian Riviera.

The plush interior of the Villa Regina Margherita in Liguria
Bordighera and Liguria – here you will find arts and culture, a wonderful ambience, authentic service, ambition and elegance. This unusual combination of harmony and culture is the perfect place for celebrations of all kinds. To find out more, visit the Riviera dei Fiori website or contact Sabine from Viva Dolce Vita on 0039 333 932 66 27.


Villa Regina Margherita
via Romana 34/36
18012 Bordighera (IM)

Tel: +39 0184 276111

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Grand Hotel del Mare
Via Portico della Punta, 34
18012 Bordighera (IM)

Tel: +39 0184 262201

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Lead image courtesy Pier Rossi,; all other images © Saverio Chiappalone



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