A 50% discount on rail travel throughout the French Riviera is now a reality when you subscribe to the SNCF-Ter Carte Zou! 

Ticket prices have been on the increase in recent times, and with the number of strikes that have befallen passengers, travelling by train was becoming a bit of a chore. But now you can relive the joys of train travel by availing of an immediate discount of 50% on your journey with the TER within the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) region when you subscribe to the new SNCF Carte ZOU!

This card also allows you a 75% reduction on your preferred route, which must be confirmed when you sign up. You will receive a booklet of 10 tickets, which are valid for a period of two months from date of purchase. The Carte ZOU!, which is valid for five years, costs €15 for those aged under 26, and €30 for those over 26.

So how do I get me one of these Carte ZOU! you ask. If you already have the Optima card, you just need to present yourself at your local gare SNCF, and the very helpful staff there will credit your existing card for 12 months, valid from the date of your first trip.

If you are not an existing card holder, you may download the Carte ZOU! form from the TER website, fill it in, and bring it along to your local station, with all the necessary supporting documentation (passport or other accepted piece of identity, and a recent colour photograph). You will receive temporary papers that permit you to avail of the reduced fares immediately, with the actual card arriving some time later by post.

So why not get back out and ride the rails once again, and have fun this time – thanks to la SNCF!


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