What is more quintessentially French than taking a trip through the countryside in an open top 2CV, the perfect embodiment of nostalgia!

I have just come back from Vence on the wonderful French Riviera with my photo group. We did the trip in the super lovely classic Citroën 2CVs provided by Patrizio at 2CV Escapade, who has 20 plus 2CVs, and he’s still acquiring more! They are in absolutely stunning condition, and come in all sorts of great colours.

There is nothing quite like enjoying a relaxing drive through this gorgeous Côte d’Azur countryside with the roof back in these elegant ladies. It is fun, old style. You almost feel like making sure there is a baguette next to you with some wine, goat’s cheese and all those lovely things that make you want to stop and have a picnic – I said picnic, I don’t do picnics! No, never …. oh, ok, this is different, there is a certain caché to travelling like this. You don’t believe me? Well drive one and turn up anywhere, you can park anywhere, as people just love these cars.

2CV in Vence in the South of France

More 2CV action in Vence

Patrizio and his 2CV in Vence

One of the great things about our little voyage into the paysage was that the US and Canadian contingent had never ever seen one. To them it was something like tasting a candy for the first time. They lapped it up. A memorable journey. What is so cool about these cars is that you can sit in them and become for a little while a classic French person in a France that has almost disappeared – the nostalgia lives on.

So, think about it for that outing with a difference, that champagne picnic (sorry, I am washing my hair that day, but do save me some champers), trips to perched villages or any of the beautiful locations offered by this sumptuous coast that is the Côte d’Azur. Great for photo shoots and videos too.


The smart people reading this will gather I had a good time – I did. Hey, and if you mention Riviera Buzz then Patrizio will treat you regally like the star you are! 

The 2CV Appreciation Society in Vence

2CV Escapade
7, place Ile de Beauté
06300 Nice

Tel: 06 52 01 30 40 (mobile)

Check in here on foursquare

All photos © Mike Colquhoun




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