Read on to find out the best rivers in Provence for swimming, diving, canyoning, canoeing, rafting and fishing.

Rivers have been captivating people since forever. Fishing, swimming, canoeing, as well as rafting and canyoning are some of the most popular activities here in Provence. But finding the best rivers is not always easy. We have done a bit of research, spoken to a few local people and have come up with the best rivers in Provence for fishing, swimming, canoeing, rafting and canyoning. Let us know if you have found anything better.

Best for Canyoning

If you are going Canyoning you want to be heading to Castellane in the Gorges du Verdon.
The Haut Jabron canyon is the reference in canyoning near Castellane. While the Saint Auban canyon is very well-known in the Verdon, the Riolan canyon is probably one of the most beautiful canyons in the southern France. The Verdon is a 160 kilometre river in the south of France, a tributary of the Durance, and is the place to come Canyoning.

Canoeing on the Rhône in the Vaucluse

Best for Canoeing

The canoeing possibilities in the Rhône River are absolutely breath-taking. There are 1, 2, 3- day canoe, kayak adventures in the Gorges of the Ardeche including camping wild under the eagles by day, and the stars by night. The Rhone is one of Europes major rivers flowing from Switzerland all the way to Provence ; so get to Pont d’Arc in Provence to enjoy a day or a weekend canoeing or kayaking. Look out for the Pont d’Arc, and the Cathedral.

Best for Swimming and Diving

Cavaillon is part of the Natural Park of Luberon in the French Department of Vaucluse in Provence. The Calavon is a tributary of the Durance and runs westward through the middle of the Vaucluse. Toulourenc is the river to swim or dive. It is a small river fed by Mount Ventoux flowing over 30km with deep gorges and wild terrain. Depending on the flow you will have some nice places to swim, jump and dive. The water is really clear, the rocks are flat and the crickets sing close by.

Best for Rafting

The Durance, with its source in the south-western Alps, close to Briançon, is an awesome river to raft. It flows south-west through the Avignon in Provence. There are many rafting bases all along this river including down-river from Briancon, and at Avignon in the Vaucluse. Get a crew of friends and ride the Durance over rounded stones, speedy rapids and slow relaxing meanders.

Best for Fishing

The Var, upstream Bridge of Manda (District of Colomars, Carros and Gattières), is a Category 1 fishing destination. The fish to catch, and throw back, are the fountain salmon, pike and rainbow trout. Catch up with one of the local fishing associations in the Alpes-Maritmes and Var to grab a license and get started. In the Var there is over 1,200 km of river fishing with a concentration of rainbow trout, river salmon and char. One line permitted.

If you are coming to Provence, or live close by, make sure you discover these must-visit rivers. And if you think you have found a better river, let us know. Affinity Holidays France has a great selection of villa rentals in Provence within driving distance to all these rivers.  


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