The Gare du Sud in Nice has reopened after a lengthy refurbishment, having lain in disrepair and ruin for close on a quarter of a century.

The former Chemins de Fer de Provence train station closed its doors in December 1991, having served as a teminus for the railway line for almost a century.

Twice threatened with demolition, the structure has undergone major renovation works over the last number of years, and today has been restored to reflect its former glory.

The last train to leave the platform of the station was the 7:19pm to Colomars on the night of 9th December, 1991, and the last arrival that night was the train from Digne at 8:35pm – both trains were feted with a celebration of fireworks, before the terminus was definitively closed for business.

The newly refurbished facade of the Gare du Sud in Nice
The clock at Gare du Sud in Nice
22 years later and after extensive renovation works, both internally and externally, Nice can be proud of this superb edifice, shining brightly in the Libération area of the city.

An edifice painstakingly restored to its original glory, down to the four ionic columns and intricate decorative works to the façade, and stunning marble floor internally.

The refurbished building will now house the new Raoul Mille library, as well as multimedia rooms, one large and a number of smaller meeting rooms for groups and associations, and a climate controlled basement for storage.

The Gare du Sud was inaugurated last Saturday, 7th December by the Mayor of Nice, M. Christian Estrosi. It will officially open to the public on Saturday, 4th January, 2014.

Opening hours are from 10am to 6pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, and 2pm to 6pm on Thursdays and Fridays. Further information is available on the BMVR website or by calling 04 97 13 48 90

Chemins de Fer sign on Gare du Sud in Nice
Gare du Sud
Place de la Gare du Sud
Avenue Malausséna
06000 Nice

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