How do you reinvent yourself from being a senior manager in the luxury goods industry to becoming an artist? We talked to one who dared to take the plunge and has never looked back.

If you’ve been on social media lately, you could not possibly have missed a French artist’s paintings and drawings that make you do a double take whether it’s a photo or not. “Look at his amazing portrait of my dog!” – “Check out his brilliant painting of my grandpa!” – “Wow! As if my loved one was still alive!” The rave reviews just keep coming and coming.

Alexandre MiuccioIn just three short years, 46-year-old Alexandre Miuccio has become a rising star with a global fan base. His eye vision is the equivalent of perfect pitch in music. He perceives the minutest characteristics and the subtlest shades of colour, and transposes them onto the canvas with flawless precision. He has a knack – and the patience – for work that requires a tremendous degree of manual dexterity and great attention to detail. But beyond that, his true talent lies in bringing a perfectly lifelike expression to his work… in capturing another being’s soul.

We wanted to find out more about this exceptionally gifted artist, and made an astonishing discovery. Alexandre tells us his inspiring story from humble beginnings to the rarefied world of Swiss watches, and then trading his business suit for a paint-stained shirt.

Alexandre, tell us about your origins and your life path

I was born on 18 August 1975 in the Alsatian town of Mulhouse into a modest family with immigrant parents, a Sicilian father and a Swiss mother. As the youngest of eight children, I had a very happy and fulfilling childhood, and very early on, art imposed itself on me with drawing.

My parents did not have the financial means to enroll me in an art school, so I had a traditional school education until secondary school. I then turned to a manual and meticulous profession, which is watchmaking. After obtaining my professional qualification, I worked for many years in the fascinating world of watchmaking.

I got married young (at age 18) and we had four children, three girls and a boy who are now adults. We settled in the countryside near the Swiss border where we still live today. Among my passions are nature, science and wildlife photography.

How did you realise that you were extraordinarily talented?

Ever since my childhood I enjoyed immersing myself in creation with drawing or modelling clay. The looks and compliments of my classmates, my art teachers, and my family made me understand quite quickly that I had a certain talent. I dreamed of making my passion my profession, which was not immediately possible, but I always kept this hope in mind.

Today, you a professional artist. How did you get there?

After a long career of almost 25 years where I held senior management positions in the Swiss luxury watch industry, I decided to leave this world in 2018 and return to my true passion of painting and drawing.

Who or what inspires you on an artistic and personal level?

Many artists are exceptional both technically and artistically but what inspires me most is nature. Photography, my second passion after creating artwork, has allowed me, I think, to sharpen my sense of observation – I would almost say contemplation – to make the subject unique and to give them all the attention that is necessary to capture their essence.

cat photo / painting

Photo (left) and painting (right)

dog cecile plat berard

Steps along the way

What is your favourite subject to draw? Which technique do you prefer?

I do mainly human and animal portraits for clients all over the world. I use many different media to create my work, ranging from dry pastel, charcoal, acrylic, and water colour, but oil is my favourite.

What comment or feedback has encouraged you the most?

What encouraged me the most, and which continues to be one of the driving forces of my passion, are the thousands of comments by my fans I receive every day, but in particular those of my clients. Some of them send me videos of the moment they receive the portrait I made for them, and feeling their emotions, sometimes laughter and often tears, is really intense for me.

Alexandre Miuccio subjects

Very often orders are accompanied by stories clients share with me. They really open up so that I can draw on a maximum of elements which then flows into the work. Sometimes they are tragic stories of the loss of loved ones, and other times moments of joy such as births or weddings… these stories become part of the construction of the work.

Which of your œuvres are you most proud of?

It would have to be this one here:

Alexandre Miuccio fox

Here is also a video that shows the Making Of a painting in accelerated mode.

How many followers do you have, and where are they based?

I have about 35,000 social media followers in over 20 countries on four continents (North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia).

How can one contact you to order a portrait? How much does it cost?

You can contact me by message or email or via my social media channels on Facebook and Instagram. A lot of information, including a general pricing chart, is also on my website.

Alexandre Miuccio techniques

I offer six different techniques, and rates vary according to the style, the size of the portrait and the number of subjects to be realized. That way, even someone with a small budget can afford my artwork, and I also offer a payment plan in several installments.

How do you experience these current complex times?

Fortunately, this does not have much of an impact on my daily life and on my activity because interactions are mostly remote, but we are anxious for things to improve ….

Now that you have realized one big dream, do you have another one waiting in the wings?

I have several dreams and projects I am exploring. Creating my own brand of dry pastel is one of them. But the main one is to open a school and give courses to clients around the world. I already offer detailed tutorials, like in this teaser.

Alexandre Miuccio tutorial

What message or advice would you like to share with your fans and our readers?

I love the fact that I can make a living off my passion, that I am free to manage my time, that I can make people happy, that I can explore and practice several artistic techniques, and that I can be in contact with clients. I therefore encourage everyone to never lose hope, but always seize the opportunities to make your dreams come true because often the hazards of life make us doubt but with a bit of luck and perseverance everything is possible …

Thank you, Alexandre!

Alexandre Miuccio collage

It is good to know that following one’s dream has not entirely fallen by the wayside, especially if someone has a talent that is begging to shine. Follow this inspiring artist’s journey on FacebookInstagramWebsite

another grey line

All photos © and courtesy Alexandre Miuccio. Photos featuring persons or pets are shown with clients’ consent

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