A new three day festival by and for the hearing-impaired at Espace Magnan helps the hearing-impaired and hearing-abled to better understand each other

Movies and theatres are not typically the kind of hangout you would expect to find the deaf or hard-of-hearing. Yet, there is a surprisingly diverse and high-quality artistic offering for this community, and Espace Magnan is training the spotlight on it in a first festival of its kind from May 12 through 14. From offsite guided visits to exhibits, films, bilingual French/Sign Language initiation classes, clown ateliers, African dance and much, much more.

Open to an audience of all ages and abilities, the three day extravaganza with an action-packed programme seeks to connect the hard-of-hearing and hearing-abled communities, and create mutual understanding. French sign language interpreters are therefore at hand for all events.

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Friday, 12th May

10.00 h: (offsite) Guided visit to Confiserie Florian (in French sign language)

14.15 h: Lectures and short films for the young audience

19.00 h: Les Mots du Silence, vernissage and photo exhibit of deaf artist Jennifer Lescouët

20.00 h: Sourd toujours, Jef’s one-man-show

Saturday, 13th May

14.00 h: Film “L’Enfance Sourde, followed by a meeting with filmmaker/director Brigitte Lemaine

15.00 h: First Aid class for ADULTS, held by the Caserne Magnan firefighters and EMTs, sign-interpreted (3 hours)

16.00 h: Sign language initiation class for the hearing-abled

20.00 h: Concert Cinematik Slam Signé, Lhomé – rap, slam, and sign language all rolled into one

Sunday, 14th May

14.00 h: First Aid class for CHILDREN, held by the Caserne Magnan firefighters and EMTs, sign-interpreted (3 hours)

15.00 h: Clown Atelier for adults, presented by Nicolas Houssin, one of the best French clowns and acrobats

16.00 h: Signing with and for babies and young children

16.00 h: African dance atelier for teens and adults, because music is for everyone…

16.00 h: Presentation of four short films, including award-winning Disparitions, and pre-première of La Coupe Ouitube, selected to participate in the 2017 Sourd Métrage Film Festival

17.30 h: Closing ceremony, film presentation, and clown show.

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An ambitious project, a laudable initiative, and a rich programme… a wonderfully inclusive way to build bridges in an increasingly divided society. So do listen to us when we recommend you to go and participate!

Espace Magnan
Centre Culturel & Sportif
31 Rue Louis de Coppet
06000 Nice

Tel: +33 4 93 86 28 75


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Lead image by Jeremy Segrott from Cardiff, Wales, UK [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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