Chris Webb has developed his business on the Riviera supporting Mac users. He is very hands-on and incredibly knowledgeable about Macs. He is happy to discuss Macs whether they are new or old.

You could tag Chris with the word ‘geeky’, to some extent he is as he is truly enthusiastic about this computing technology that is expensive but once bitten, it is nearly impossible to go back to other systems.

Chris is not new to computing, far from it. In his early days he moved through many major companies expanding his knowledge base. In one of those companies he was asked to work on a Mac he had never used. From that point on Chris was hooked on Mac technology.

Chris Webb

Apple are forever changing their operating systems. Upgrading continually to meet the demands of users and software developments. Obviously this drive forward is to sell more Apple products, Macs being a mainstay of their lineup. The downside to this rapid development is that older Macs become outdated so that they cannot have their operating systems updated. Despite have a lot of life in them, some of these old Macs are put on a shelf somewhere and forgotten. That is all changing.

Apple’s latest update is called Sonoma. This update could be bad news for older Macs, it isn’t. Alongside newer operating systems from Mac there is an Open Source project. This project is creating code for drivers that will allow older Macs to run the new Sonoma IOS and previous operating systems. The bottom line is that Macs, even older than a decade, can be updated to the new system obviating the need to buy a new Mac. Of course this is not without some pain, it is IT after all. That said, it is doable. Chris has been involved in testing the new code and has upgraded systems already. It is a longwinded activity which Chris will do though he prefers it to be at his office to avoid excessive time on site. It is a great eco project!

There are many other aspects to Chris’s support for the Mac community. He will happily talk about any issues and will provide advice.

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Photo of Chris Webb by Joshua Kennedy of the Business Club Côte d’Azur

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