I was thrilled when Sarah Lycett invited me to go on her Riviera Radio show, The Full English Breakfast with Sarah, to talk about my latest book, Paul.

After a hectic journey, ploughing through the usual bottlenecks on the way to Monaco, we arrived at Quai Antoine 1er where the studios of Riviera Radio are located. I never tire of the view out over Port Hercule.

During the on air, live, chat, we discussed my book Paul and also my other projects. I was delighted to do so. It provided me with an opportunity to talk about my movie work. Of course some things had to be relegated as the point of the interview was Paul; my artwork being the prime example. Sarah was amazing as was everyone at Riviera Radio. It was a pleasure to see Paul Kavanagh who directs this awesome channel.

Here are some links that may be useful to those wanting to know more about Paul and the other things we discussed during the conversation –

My web site is ateliermike.com

Paul is available worldwide through Amazon and it is also on Kindle. It is also available on Kobo.

My other books, Lines (poetry), Continuum and Returning are also available on Amazon. Continuum is also in audio book format narrated by the terrific Alicia Sedgwick.

Arlene poster

Julia!, The Heart and Arlene are all on Amazon.

It was lovely to be able to talk about Berlin Cake. The premiere is in January at the Théâtre de la Cité in Nice. It is by invitation only, feel free to contact me if you would like to come along!

Berlin Cake Poster

Yes, it is sad about Fred’s bar in the port of Nice. Those were very good times. Curiously, I did ponder buying it when it came up for sale. The bottom line was that it was much more fun being in front of the bar rather than behind it! Great people. Great times.

A final huge thank you to Sarah Lycett for the opportunity of being on air and talking about Paul!

another grey line

All photos courtesy Mike Colquhoun; interview courtesy Riviera Radio

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