Sven Vandenbosch has been resident in Monaco for many years having left his native Belgium to tour the world then settling in Monaco.

He describes himself as a good Belgian surrealist with as sense of humour, this is a perfect description!

Sven is a professional skilled painter working primarily in oils. He is drawn to blue and includes in his paintings elements that he calls Unidentified Float Objects. There is something captivating about these rounded shapes. The origins of these objects can be traced back to his childhood and the TV show The Prisoner. The Prisoner, number 6, is prevented from escaping from the place in which he is held captive by large bouncing balls!

Before Dawn - old version - Sven Vandenbosch - Monaco Artist OFNI 003 - Sven Vandenbosch - Monaco Artist

His talent has been developed through specialised courses, in particular the art form Trompe-l’oeil which is a major skill requiring a special ‘eye’. He continues to enhance his abilities and is now using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to effect. Sven treats AI as a creative assistant to spark his creativity and inspire him. Whether he needs AI is questionable as his work already shows a huge amount of creativity, individual style and his ever present sense of humour.

Sven has also worked for many years as a curator for the very talented and internationally renowned artist Ana Tzarev, for whom he organises her studio, artwork, exhibitions and so on. He loves been involved with art and immersed in it whether it is his or someone else’s work, a rare quality for an artist especially one as gifted as Sven.

In October there will be a group exhibition in Monaco under the UNESCO banner where Sven will be showing a piece of art, a bird, created with the aid of AI. The bird will be a departure from his usual oils being created from charcoal and use of a pen. This exhibition will definitely be worth a visit.

Find out more about Sven Vandenbosch through his website and on Instagram, @sven.artist

another grey line

All images courtesy Sven Vandenbosch

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