It was a very happy though somewhat melancholy end of an era for Monaco USA in Stardeck on the top floor of Stars n Bars.

Happy because Monaco USA continues on and Stars n Bars will have a bright new face in the future … though what this new face will be is still under wraps! A little melancholy as it brings back fond memories and people that are missed.

A huge thank you was said to Annette Anderson for her amazing work for Monaco USA. Annette created so many wonderfully memorable and entertaining events over the years. Annette will still be in the driving seat during the transition of Stars n Bars. Excellent news! Always with clever ideas, Annette used the memorabilia from past events as prizes for the tombola during the evening.

Kate and Annette 2015

It also provided an opportunity to remember with affection the awesome Kate Powers who has sadly left us. Her positivity and dynamism lives on, her memory will never wane.

Didier Rubiolo remains steadfast at the helm to steer the enterprise forward. He has exciting plans. Never one to be resistant to change and always ready to look for opportunities, Didier will create something for the future to develop onward this amazing venue!

For those who have never visited, Stardeck was on the top floor above the Stars n Bars restaurant with its wonderful views of the principality overlooking Port Hercule from its superbly engineered balconies. Stars n Bars with its Stardeck has always been an iconic landmark in Monaco. It has offered hospitality for many an F1 season and packed with fascinating F1 racing and rallying memorabilia.

This last event at Stardeck was filled with so many familiar faces from over the years. Alas, there were many faces missing … though they were not forgotten. The big screen showed photos from events over the years with the images of so many lovely people. Stardeck and those special, fun and happy times will always form part of something unique and will always be remembered.


Summing up, it was a totally brilliant evening! End of an era? In so many ways it was actually the beginning of a new and exciting one!


another grey line


All photos © and courtesy Mike Colquhoun

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