The glittering principality of Monaco welcomes an equally glittering new nursery for some very lucky little people – La Petite École Montessori Nursery opens its doors.

La Petite École Montessori Nursery – a nursery like no other

This September, the tiny principality of Monaco welcomed a luxurious new addition to its early education program – the ‘La Petite École Montessori Nursery’. The nursery promises to transform Monaco’s early-learning landscape by synthesising cutting edge educational techniques within an environment designed facilitate child development and independence.

The nursery opened its doors on 12 September 2018 in its new sprawling location on the Quai Antoine within Monaco’s main port. Designed by Christian Curau’s Monaco architecture practice, the interiors are rendered in soothing Scandinavian tones, with distinct areas designed around free-play and the signature Montessori self-directed learning. The front of the nursery will play host to a natural garden and sports area – outdoor space, which is a luxury in the small principality.

La Petite École Montessori Nursery

La Petite École Montessori Nursery Programme

The nursery will cater to locals and international families alike and follow a bilingual programme Montessori programme taught in both English and French. The pupil mix for September consists of local Monaco families and expats renting property near Monaco – thereby ensuring a mix of nationalities and cultures.

The Montessori method emphasises independent learning, with children making creative choices in the classroom, overseen by a teacher guiding the process. Activities are usually done in small groups of 4-5 children per group activity, enabling ideal interaction between the teacher and children and pupils themselves. Furthermore, to compliment the Montessori programmes, children will be taught maths using the Singapore method and learning will be augmented with the Jolly Phonics books.

The nursery will also offer an enviable programme of extra-curricular activities including yoga, piano, violin and swimming lessons, encouraging holistic and well rounded development. The pupils will also enjoy a completely organic and balance diet, low in sugar and full of nutritious superfoods.

La Petite École Montessori in Monaco

La Petite École Monaco – How to Apply

As the nursery is independent, anyone can apply and there are no qualifying criteria. Applications to the nursery can be made directly to the school, who will make a decision on the basis of current availability. That being said, given the level of the facilities and the unique curriculum, the nursery has been extremely popular with Monaco’s families, meaning that competition for places is fierce. You are therefore advised to register your child as soon as reasonably possible in order to secure a place.

La Petite École Monaco – Fees

The fees for the nursery are €24,000 for the early years , rising marginally for older pupils. Unsurprisingly, the level of the fees reflects the facilities on offer, the level of staff and of course, the generally higher costs of Monaco real estate. However, parents will be getting a nurturing yet cutting-edge early learning programme, to give their little ones the best possible start to prepare them for their educational journey.

La Petite École Montessori Nursery


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