This is to introduce a ‘larger than life’ person, Jonathan Lippman. Jonathan is a walking encyclopaedia of black and white movies having discovered the genre in his youth.

His passion continues to this day. He has met many stars and even knows family members with whom he keeps in touch. He is an obsessive and adventurous traveller.

Jonathan hails from New York, a city renown for its movie and star studded history well before Hollywood. He travels, well, he travels a lot. His travels took him to Europe where he stayed working in Geneva. On retirement Jonathan settled in Nice where he enjoys breathtaking views from his apartment over the Baie des Anges in which he swims most days. Fun fact – He is also one of those exceptional people who takes time to keep the beach tidy!

Jonathan in Sentinelle

Jonathan Lippman in Sentinelle – photo by Mike Colquhoun

Recently he has returned from Mongolia! Yes, you read that right, Mongolia. He is a fan of India and Asia or anywhere on the planet for that matter. One place he visited that is most definitely not on everyone’s bucket list is North Korea. So, travelling is in his blood as are black and white movies, a rare and rich combination which makes Jonathan a delightful person and a great raconteur and a very welcome speaker at events.

His favorite movie of all time is Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman. And, yes, he has met Ingrid Bergman. Unsurprisingly this encounter took place in London’s theatre district. It seems his enjoyment of movies also manifests in meeting those who starred in them. The list of stars he has engaged with is lengthy including Ingrid, Maureen O’Hara and Elizabeth Taylor. Oh, and, he actually had a part on set in Rome in one of her movies.

Jonathan is also an extra, which he says he hates though he does it anyway as he loves the movies, and also takes on speaking roles. Recent examples include Sentinelle and Rock n Roll, both of which are French and filmed on the Riviera and both of which are on Netflix and other streaming services.

Notorious can be found on YouTube. It is an excellent film … it is, as Jonathan said so!

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Lead iage courtesy Mike Colquhoun; all other photos as credited

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