After the traumas of 14th July, 2016, it was great to get back to a Bastille Day to be remembered for the right reasons, thanks to Carlos Gaspar.

Carlos and Laetitia, the owners of Scarlett Boutique in the Port area of Nice, are committed to the eradication of child labour everywhere. To help achieve this, they hold raffles for elegantly handcrafted handbags, raising funds for UNICEF to specifically address child labour issues.

This time around, Carlos has once again created a handbag in his unique style, with the revised logo of “We Love Nice”.

Given the events of last year, Carlos decided to launch the raffle in aid of children, as usual, but this year it was to aid the children of the victims of the horrifying incident of last July. It is a unique and interesting approach, aiming to provide funds for educational needs primarily.

The draw took place in the boutique in a happy, upbeat atmosphere with champagne – Laetitia and Carlos are very generous hosts. The president of UNICEF 06, Mr. Claude Fondecave, was there to draw the lucky winner! It was an evening with amazing positivity.

Scarlett Boutique Bastille Day 2017

This does not end with the raffle and passing on the money to UNICEF. Carlos and Laetitia want to use their brand, Karl Blackwell, to promote the rights of children through an association, Karl Blackwell Compliance, to which others can sign up to put a stop to child labour exploitation – everywhere!

Scarlett Boutique
25, rue Arson
06300 Nice

Tel: +33 4 93 31 03 97


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All photos © and courtesy Mike Colquhoun

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