Viva Dolce Vita, event organisers based in Bordighera, handpick the perfect solutions for you to enjoy your stay on the Riviera dei Fiori.

It’s no exaggeration to say that we now live in an environment that’s the exact opposite of the one human beings were originally programmed for. Our ancestors’ primary focus was finding and preparing their next meal. We’ve carried that focus into a world awash with brilliant Italian cuisine: Liguria, think of mouthwatering pasta dishes, olive oil, excellent wines, desserts.

We can all enjoy this and so we should do as in order to stay healthy we require both good food and good wine. We shouldn’t forget to also walk whenever we can, take moderate exercise, sleep well, and snack on things like nuts and seeds…aren’t we lucky here? It’s a lifestyle choice to be in good shape. We don’t have to go and collect wood in the forests nowadays, but instead we can take advantage of a come together with friends and/or clients!

Architectural features in Bordighera

Let’s have a Party!

This is where we can help at Viva Dolce Vita. We know what you need to turn an ordinary party into an event, creating an occasion to make a lasting impression on your guests. Whether it is a wedding, gala, rural dinner in a cosy atmosphere, vernissage or sales presentation, the perfect event depends on a good idea and its realisation. This is our forte.

Depending on your wishes and desires we take over the complete organisation: from designing invitations to the organising of travel itineraries, choosing the decorations or booking artists and chefs. And what better place for your event than the Riviera? It doesn’t always has to be glamourous – a wonderful day can be had in the countryside, in Dolceacqua or Perinaldo, surrounded by nature and a wine tasting at a winery or an oil tasting – or may we help to find the perfect venue?

It is our intention to strengthen the mutual trust between us and our clients right from the beginning and to do the best possible for them.

What, if ‘he’ wants to play golf and ‘she’ wants to join the beautiful boutiques in Bordighera, Sanremo or Ventimiglia? No problem, we organise any activity. We hire the services that our clients want locally. Really, anything is possible.

Why go? 

This stretch of the Ligurian coast in northern Italy offers you everything from beaches, sunshine and bustling towns to mountains, castles, caves and medieval villages – plus the region is small enough to get around easily by car. Here history, art, culture and traditions blend perfectly with chic modern restaurants and bars, and various outdoor pursuits, such as sailing and climbing. And with the French border so close you can easily jump on a train or hire a car and be in Monaco in next to no time.

Any other reasons to go? Ah, yes – the climate is fairly mild all year round and there’s plenty of culture on offer, which means there’s something to do even on wet days. The heat is comfortable and the region is in full, beautiful bloom.

What to do and where to go

One of the most charming places on the Riviera is Bordighera, the city of palms, which was greatly loved by the English, Russian and German nobility in the last century – and Italian Queen Margherita, Regina d’arte e cultura, who had a residence there. The Villa Regina is now a museum for contemporary art. It still has a very nobel spirit, with the beautiful Anglican Church, the Villa Garnier and the Bicknell Museum.

The streets of Bordighera in Italy
The town is an ideal family base from which to explore this lovely region. Market lovers can browse stalls in the town on Thursday mornings or head to nearby Sanremo (Tuesdays and Saturday mornings) or Ventimiglia (Fridays).

 An absolute must is a journey into the mountains and a look around the ancient villages. If you only have time for one, head off to Dolceacqua, which has an antiquated castle (music festivals are held there in August); a single-span medieval bridge and beautiful churches – and the Visionarium, a tiny cinema showing 3D documentaries, complete with relevant odours and an amazing sound system.

Let us help you

Isn’t it annoying that the beautiful things we associate with Italy are often difficult to carry by plane? Holiday shopping can be fun and exciting but it also takes time and patience. Would you like to conjure up the Meditteranean atmosphere during the year and indulge others and yourself? We can take care of this – we visit local producers, select the best products and take care of decoration, packaging and dispatch – this applies of course, also for presents and business gifts.

Here you can find arts and culture, a wonderful ambience, authentic service, ambition and elegance. This unusual combination of harmony and culture is the 
perfect place for celebrations of all kinds. Decide for yourself – the day trip, the sporty weekend, the family party, the company incentive, a romantic picnic for two or a 
gathering of friends in an enchanting atmosphere?

The Mediterranean coastline at Bordighera
The first step for a stress-free come together is to contact Sabine on +39 333 932 66 27 or via email. And how do we end in style? Of course with a glass of Rossesse and a ‘kiss‘, the chocolate speciality of Liguria!


All images © and All Rights Reserved Claudio Gavioli

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