I have known Devy for many years. He has an enormous amount of energy and enthusiasm, always coming up with new ideas. Devy pushes boundaries.

He was well known in Monaco and along the Riviera for his phone based interviews. Devy continues to be a man about town with a smile and a keen interest in people.

He was born in Grasse and moved away only to return clutching his guitar wanting to find his roots again and explore life on the Côte d’Azur. Devy has many talents. Amongst these talents he has a base in music, composing and playing. The advent of mobile video drew Devy like a magnet, it still does. Of course he knows about formal editing using Final Cut and the like, but he likes nothing better than using his phone to capture and edit video. It is great to see some of his work such as this one minute video for human rights – totally made on Devy’s iPhone! Impressive.

Davy Man

At the present he is starting to work with AI (artificial Intelligence) to facilitate his movie making. Far from a threat, Devy sees AI as a real boost to productivity in eradicating the gruelling tasks involved in film making so that he can concentrate on the ‘human’ and creative aspects, the parts that AI cannot possibly (so far) cope with.

Devy is a talent to be watched. He is moving into the world of film making having already entered the short movies section of the Cannes Film Festival – no mean feat. He is planning to continue submitting short movies and animations but branching out more into longer, feature length, movies with real actors … and all based on phone technology! It is amazing to see what this technology can achieve in the hands of someone with Devy’s dynamism, skill and commitment.

Devy can be found on every platform from TikTok to Facebook. He is definitely worth checking out.

another grey line

All images courtesy Devy Man

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